XR Empowers Education & Hands-on Training! -- KMAX Education Delegation Visited Malaysia


News Leads: On May 10, 2024, the "Malaysia Education Ecosystem Delegation" organized by Jiangxi KMAX Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "KMAX"), in collaboration with the Malaysia Anhui General Chamber of Commerce and Hai Chuang Hui, completed a 5-day visit. The purpose of this delegation was to deeply understand the development of higher education and innovation and entrepreneurship in Malaysia, which is an important exploration of China-Malaysia cooperation in the fields of educational technology and vocational skills training.

This delegation visit was carried out on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia, marking the all-round and leapfrog development of bilateral relations, and the key period of high-quality economic cooperation. KMAX actively responded to the "Belt and Road" initiative, and jointly organized this delegation with local Malaysian institutions, aiming to deeply understand the research facilities and resources of Malaysian universities, as well as the support for innovation and entrepreneurship, in order to lay the foundation for future cooperation with relevant industries in Malaysia in fields such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

During the one-week visiting tour, KMAXs President Assistant and Head of the Overseas Business Department, Yufei Wang, and the Overseas Sales Director, Shirley Zheng, along with members of the delegation, visited institutions such as Universiti Malaya, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Majlis Profesor Negara (referred as MPN, standing for Malaysian Professors' Council, directly under the Prime Minister's Office of Malaysia), and Junior Chamber International Malaysia. KMAX team introduced XR solutions, achievements and plans for overseas expansion in the field of technology-empowered education to representatives from the Malaysian government, Institutions of higher education, machinery manufacturing, and business management. Representatives from both sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on how technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality can empower vocational skills education. They expressed their shared vision and expectations for the next step in promoting China-Malaysia cooperation in educational technology and high-quality vocational skills talent training.


Visited the CEO of MPN, Professor Dr. Zul, and the COO Professor Dr. Md. Yusoff, and exchanged views on China-Malaysia cooperation in educational resources, as well as academic and technological collaboration along the Belt and Road countries.


(Visited the Junior Chamber International Malaysia)

(At the Innovation Center of Universiti Malaya, KMAX’s President Assistant Yufei Wang is presenting and demonstrating their products)


(The group photo of the delegation and UKM representatives)


(Conducted product demonstrations at the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers)

During this visit, KMAX gained a deeper understanding of the research facilities and resources, research practices, and the support and guidance for innovation and entrepreneurship in Malaysian universities. KMAX also developed a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the digital application scenarios in the applied disciplines and vocational skills training fields of Malaysian higher education. Representatives from both sides conducted effective and efficient resources matching and exchange of views on the feasibility of cooperation between artificial intelligence, virtual reality and related industries. They explored potential synergies and ways to collaborate in these cutting-edge technology areas to enhance vocational education and skills training.

This visit marks the first stop for KMAX to organize its ecosystem partners to explore the path for overseas expansion together. It is also a solid step for KMAX to continuously implement the "Belt and Road" initiative.

This visit helped KMAX to develop a deeper understanding of the political, economic and cultural environment of relevant countries and regions, including Malaysia. It has also provided insight into the digital development needs of the overseas education market. KMAX adheres to the sustainable development of education, and is working to promote the application of XR technology in the education field. 

Going forward, KMAX will continue to collobrate closely with industry ecosystem partners. Aligned with the "Vocational Education Overseas Expansion" strategy, KMAX will further explore overseas market with universities and industry partners. KMAX aims to provide high-quality digital education solutions for international markets, and jointly cultivate internationally-oriented, high-skilled talent with its partners. The multi-stakeholders approach will enbable KMAX to expand its global footprint while supporting the development of world-class vocational education and training programs.

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