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Talent and resources

KMAX brings together technical elites from all over the world, and proportion of its R&D staff is up to 68.2%. With strong technical R&D strength and advanced R&D management system, KMAX has passed CMMI5 certification, registered multiple patents and software IPRs in frontier sci-tech product innovations such as proprietary hardware, VR, AI, and Digital Twins, and amassed a wealth of R&D experience and resources in the fields including intelligent manufacturing, smart traffic, smart healthcare, smart cultural tourism, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, electronic information, K12, and red education, etc. As a result, it has developed multiple collections of proprietary R&D hardware covering 30-odd disciplines, 400-odd VR training software, 100,000-odd new forms of course resources, and 1,000-odd vocational skills training courses, in addition to training and outputting more than 300,000 person-times of technical and skilled talents, which helped resolve problems in the training process, such as high investment, high loss, high risk, and difficulty in implementation, observation, and reproduction. 




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