VR Training Room Solution

Through construction of platform, training resources and smart classroom,  and carry out project-based, task-based, flipped, scenario-based, “online + offline” hybrid teaching and learning mode by highlighting learners in the whole process.

Features and Strengths of VR Training Room

Automotive VR Training Room

Introduce VR technology according to occupational skill requirements of automotive electromechanical technicians, automotive sheet metal workers, vehicle performance testing technicians, charging pile mainteinance technicians, and innovate scenario-based, immersive, project-based, task-based teaching training mode, so as to cultivate students’ abilities in automotive disassembly, fault detection, drive motor commissioning, and complete vehicle maintenance painstakingly.

Automotive Software Application


Hybrid Automotive Mechanic


Electric Automotive Mechanic

auto expert1(1).png

Virtual Auto Expert

auto mechanic4(1).png

Virtual Auto Mechanic Premium

VR Training Room of Industrial Robotics

Reform the industrial robotics class by introducing the VR/AR and digital twin technology, integrating practical scenarios and focusing on cultivating operation & maintenance capability of industrial robot based on the work skill requirements, such as installation, debugging, maintenance, application programming and system integration, in the actual production process of industrial robot.

Industrial Robotics Software Applications

Industrial Robotics Expert

Industrial Robotics Expert adopts an ingenious combinatio...

Industrial Robotics Mechanic

The software adopts VR technology, refers to the author...

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