KMAX has been awarded the “Top 50 VR Companies in China” and the “VR/AR Innovation Award” for five consecutive years.


On October 19th 2023, the 2023 World VR Industry Conference, hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the People's Government of Jiangxi Province, opened in Nanchang. At the opening ceremony, Zhao Qinping, Honorary Chairman of the Virtual Reality Industry Alliance and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, announced the list of “Top 50 VR Companies in China in 2023.” This is the fifth consecutive year that the Virtual Reality Industry Alliance has released this list, and KMAX, as a leading VR company, has been on the list for five consecutive years.


For five consecutive years, KMAX has received the following awards:

KMAX has currently built a diverse and widely applicable complete hardware ecosystem, including various specifications of desktop virtual holographic interactive all-in-one machines, portable 3D terminal devices, and 3D reality devices. At the same time, they have independently developed a large number of professional and practical resource systems.


In addition, KMAX independently developed “Basic Education VR Resource Cloud Platform” has been awarded the “VR/AR Innovation Award” at the 2023 China VR Industry Conference. It is recognized for its rich VR premium course content, diverse hardware ecosystem, and wide range of applications.


In the future, KMAX will continue to build a digital ecosystem for vocational skills, deepen vocational skills training, contribute to the delivery of innovative skilled talents, and support major development strategies such as the construction of a skilled society, contributing to the “Chinese power” in vocational skills training.

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